1. Maximum How many stalls can be booked by a single exhibitor?

Ans 20

2. If more than 1 stalls booked will they be allotted together?

Ans Yes. Best attempt shall be made to do so. (But one party can book stall only once, if the same party is booking multiple stalls by doing, multiple times, will not be allowed) (Booking will be allotted, by draw system where these things will not be allowed)

3. Is Stall selection at the time of booking is possible?

Ans No. All stalls have same category and advantage so stall selection is not given. How ever confirmed booking is given upon successful payment.

4. When will allotment of stalls will be declared?

Ans After computerized draw of lots list of all exhibitors along with allotted stall numbers will be displayed on website.

5. How do I print my registered booking invoice?

Ans You can print your invoice from your login account.